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J Supple's Sons - About Us

J. Supple's Sons Planting Company, Ltd. is a privately held company owned by the descendants of Jeremiah and Catherine Supple. There are now nearly 200 shareholders of the company which owns nearly 5,000 acres of land along the Mississippi River near Bayou Goula, Louisiana. Please review the bid package to submit your proposal to purchase this prime property. 

This land is used primarily for sugar cane production, approximately 3,447 acres; wetlands mitigation banking, approximately 463 acres acres; and timberland, approximately 914 acres. Revenue is realized through a variety of efforts. The land itself is now being offered for sale, pursuant to an Offer Document and Request for Sealed Bids which can be accessed via this website by completing and submitting a Bidder Registration Form, a Confidentiality Waiver and Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement.